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The Clark County Department of Environmental Services

The Recycled Arts Festival (presented by McCord’s Vancouver Toyota), is produced by Clark County Public Health as part of our ongoing effort to encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling in Clark County, Washington

The Recycled Art Festival’s mission is to educate and excite Clark County residents about waste reduction, reuse and recycling and to inspire them to see the things they may otherwise consider trash in a new, beautiful way. The Festival is able to succeed in its mission by bringing together over 150 highly talented artists who create amazing pieces of art by using a minimum of 70% recycled materials. Visitors to the Recycled Arts Festival are entertained, amazed and excited by the creativity that is on display; creativity that inspires people to think twice before tossing out unwanted items.

Corporate Sponsorship

If you are interested in getting involved in 2017, please contact Michelle Picinich to express your interest or view our sponsorship packet.




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