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Music and Entertainment

An eclectic mix of music sets the background for the festival. Dance to zydeco, marvel at the marimbas, be amazed by the dexterity of the juggler or just take a break and enjoy.

  • Castletown


    Saturday 9:30–10:30am

    Castletown has a sound best described as "Renegade Celtic Folk Rock," blending the energy of traditional Irish reels with modern folk, blues, jazz and country influences with Robert Richter on guitar and vocals, Olivia Duffy on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, Casey McBride on drums and percussion and Willi Jamm on bass.

  • Jugglemania


    Saturday 11:00–11:30pm

    Chapter one: Rhys is bitten by a radioactive juggler. Sorry, nothing so freaky. In reality, Rhys learned to juggle in high school to impress a girl and then lost the girl and juggled to forget. With nothing more than a college education and thousands of hours of practice, Rhys taught himself enough juggling, comedy, and physics to go from Seattle street performer to international stage sensation.

  • Tony Smiley

    Tony Smiley

    Saturday 12:00–1:00pm

    Since 2000, Tony Smiley has captured audiences with raw rhythms of all live looping. This musical savant loops his way through a unique genre of music that you won’t find anywhere else. All with a witty, engaging, and energetic stage presence. His cosmic dance of electric melodies range from rock, hip hop, reggae, tribal fusion, 80's and everything in between, with a dash of Mongolian throat singing and beat-boxing have earned the loop ninja a cult like following that repeatedly embarks on his musical journey. Creating each track with a raw and primal pulsating connection between rich rhythms and passionate lyrics. The songs of Tony Smiley are a tantalizing ride through electro acoustic music that will cause your musical senses to rise.

  • Midnight Serenaders

    Green Tambourine

    Saturday 1:30–3:00pm

    Green Tambourine is Portland's unique 1960s band. Their set list spans the greatest hits of that decade, including songs by Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles, Mamas and the Papas, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, Elvis, and many more. These versatile musicians excel in singing leads, switching instruments, blending tight harmonies, dancing onstage, and inspiring audiences to sing and dance along. Their vintage costumes and choreographed dance moves add an extra element of authenticity to the decade they represent. Audiences of all ages enjoy their shows.

  • The New Iberians

    The New Iberians

    Saturday 3:30–4:45pm

    Their music reflects thier roots: Louisiana Zydeco, Northwest Rock and Chicago Blues.

  • Maracutupdx


    Sunday 10:00–11:00am


    MARACATUpdx exists to foster community through the awareness of and participation in Brazilian music, namely Maracatu Baque de Virado of NE Brazil. They will lead the Procession of the Species at 10am and finish up with a stage performance in the park.

  • White Rhino Marimba Band

    White Rhino Marimba Band

    Sunday 11:30–12:30pm

    White Rhino Marimba performs upbeat dance music from Zimbabwe and West Africa. Based in Portland, the band has been performing since 1997 and band members continue to share their passion for African music at various festivals, parties and farmers markets. The band's newest CD, “Crash of Rhinos,” features thirteen lively songs. Their ages span six decades, but when they play together they are all of the same ageless spirit.

  • AaronMeyer

    Aaron Meyer

    Sunday 1:00–2:30pm

    Aaron Meyer’s background as a classically trained violinist began at age five when he began studying with his father, Julian Meyer and subsequently debuted with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the astounding age of eleven. It may be surprising to learn that Aaron shut his violin case when he was nineteen years old and began a new journey by pursuing an undergraduate degree in Natural Science, and further attained his Masters degree from Portland State University. Following graduation from Lewis & Clark College in 1995, Aaron embarked on eleven months of edifying travel throughout the most remote regions of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific which ultimately inspired him to revisit his passion for music and create a unique style of his very own.

  • The Reverb Brothers

    The Reverb Brothers

    Sunday 3:00–4:00pm

    The Reverb Brothers offer a unique take on Americana, with original songs and obscure gems, that blend Blues, Country, Soul, New Orleans R&B, Country Blues and Rock-n-Roll with a distinctive 1930's sensibility. We feature three lead and harmony vocalists, acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, keyboards, cornet, bass and drums. We always deliver a high energy show that brings people out on the dance floor.

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