I make recycled/upcycled clothing from fully dismantled unwanted old clothing. Most of the garments are a true one size fits all. Among the one size items are wrap skirts, adjustable jackets and tops. I also make tops, jackets and fashions that are not a one size but I alter for free any item to any size. 

I began life with a natural love for design, sewing, conservation of old garments as well as a love for liberation through fashion for people of all sizes. Raised by 5 generations of professional seamsters and a desire to share this passion with the world, I open ShabbyKnapsack 15 years ago.

I am a 5th generation professional seamstress using my family training, desire to conserve and love to liberate through fashion to make fashions out of fully dismantled, unwanted / rejected, recycled clothing. I obtain many of the clothes / fabrics from personal or customer donations. The majority of the clothing / fabrics, though, come from the unwanted or unsellable items at thrift stores (after they, themselves, were unable to sell them).