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Is it trash or is it art?

Screen the Meet the Artist video series, starting online August 7th, 2021 — featuring artists from the hippest, most eco-conscious festival in all of Clark County. See how people, just like you, are giving new life to old items that would otherwise have been buried in a landfill. While we won't be putting on the live festival at Esther Short Park this year, we are putting together video studio tours with some of our artists, giving you an in-depth look at how they turn found and recycled materials into beautiful art! We'll also be adding some new artist info and recycled arts educational information to our site, so you can find some of your favorite artists from past years, and discover some new creations you may not have seen before!

recycled metal owl created by a Recycled Arts Festival artist

I make usable lamps made from pipe, gauges, and an assortment of articles for shades. I also make wall hanger sculptures from metal or wood. Finished product represents fire arms of the future. Finally, I make walking canes from assorted woods, topped with a variety of decorative metal ex. horse hames. My art is made from found objects, flea market finds, some thrift store items and a lot of dumpster diving.

Usable Recycle art has been an important part of my journey as I am able to be creative and have fun in the process. Love turning scrap items into something fun and interesting. I enjoy creating and designing useable art works as a hobby.