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Online starting Aug 7th, 2021
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Is it trash or is it art?

Screen the Meet the Artist video series, starting online August 7th, 2021 — featuring artists from the hippest, most eco-conscious festival in all of Clark County. See how people, just like you, are giving new life to old items that would otherwise have been buried in a landfill. While we won't be putting on the live festival at Esther Short Park this year, we are putting together video studio tours with some of our artists, giving you an in-depth look at how they turn found and recycled materials into beautiful art! We'll also be adding some new artist info and recycled arts educational information to our site, so you can find some of your favorite artists from past years, and discover some new creations you may not have seen before!

recycled metal owl created by a Recycled Arts Festival artist

I enjoy making retro-futuristic art from recycled and found pieces. Lamps and clocks to bird feeders and robots. I use odd items or unique pieces that catch my eye with a vintage or futuristic look or an oddity about them that, if not immediately, will work their way into a future piece. I find items for my pieces at various places like estate sales and free piles to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.