I use a plasma torch to cut delicate designs into worn and broken shovels and saws to create garden art and wall decor. I also use scraps of steel and copper sheet to cut designs of birds and other objects of nature.

My creations are made from well-used, sometimes broken, and often much-loved tools. I feel they are given a new life as garden art or wall décor while showing respect for their history and original purpose. My materials come from garage sales, salvage yards, friends, and thrift stores. I once got a treasure trove of broken shovels from a fencing company when they saw my work while at my house to give an estimate for a job. Sometimes I find old tools left for me on my porch by folks who know I work with them. I have also done commissions for people cutting designs into their "grandpa's old shovel" or something similar. Last year I made several finds of old, rusty and broken tools during a stay in SE Arizona exploring abandoned buildings and visiting local ranches.

I find it interesting and satisfying to make something new from materials previously used for other purposes. I believe that by reusing, recycling and upcycling we can continue to use existing resources for beautiful and useful objects that enhance our lives and leave less impact on our environment.