My love of painting & old houses has merged into a creative art form that gives new life to discarded pieces of history. I gather and collect old wooden windows from around my neighborhood in North Portland, clean them up and paint my original floral designs on the back. 

My work is done free hand, painting in reverse on the back of windows. Each design piece is unique, much like the recycled window I paint upon. My work is bright and cheery attracting birds, bees and butterflies to garden areas, porches, and patios. My other painted creations are hanging terrariums, garden balls and bird feeders — using recycled glass.

These window works of art can be used inside or outside in garden spaces and porches. Most of the windows I salvage are 100 years old, it is a marvelous feeling to breath new life into something that has been around for so long, giving a new purpose and hopefully will be around much longer!

I love old houses and I can't stand throwing out anything with a purpose! I began painting on old windows when a contractor offered a truck load to me... I wasn't sure what I would paint, but I knew it would be colorful! I have been obsessed with poppies for the past 2 years, thus Poppy's!