I make sculptural pollinator boxes for solitary nesting bees such as the Mason Bee. The cavities in the box provides nesting sites for female bees to occupy and lay their eggs. This gives a necessary habitat for a dwindling bee population while helping to promote a healthy natural ecosystem and adorning your garden with a unique sculptural delight. They are built using entirely reclaimed wood and equipped with four to six inch long removable straws, allowing for nesting sites to be cleaned or replaced each season.

Aspects of our world are often overlooked and disregarded. Frequently this comes in the form of forgotten and unwanted material which still holds much life. I use reclaimed wood and illuminate this discarded material in the form of sculpture, while also helping to restore the connection between our natural and built environments. I obtain material that has been discarded from construction sites, renovations, curbsides or is ethically harvested from the forest floor, roadsides, and neighborhood lawns. The objects I make attempt to create a balance between aesthetics, function, education and ecological awareness.