Marvelous Mosaics

I use recycled window glass and fuse it in a kiln to make light switch covers, night lights, dishes etc. I also use scrap pieces of brass and make jewelry. Even the silver I use for the ear wires is made with recycled silver. Window glass is not recycled in the Portland area so I enjoy using this glass that would end up in the landfill and give it another life as a piece of art. I also use small scraps of metal from metal shops to form into jewelry.  

I find window glass on Craigslist and cut it into various shapes, decorate it with glass paint and colored glass powders and fire it in a kiln to 1500 degrees to melt the colors into the glass and shape it into different forms. I also use scrap metal find at metal shops around Portland. I cut the metal into shapes, decorate them using a powder coating process and assemble the pieces into jewelry.