Kyle Susan of Visionary Voltage makes upcycled and repurposed lamps and lighting. His dad always had a passion for collecting and repurposing things. After he passed away Kyle started going through his treasures. Being an electrician for over 30 years, one day the idea came to Kyle that he would take his dad’s “junk” and make lamps out of them.

For the past seven years Kyle has enjoyed making many different lamps and lighting fixtures out of old radios, glass insulators, metal wheels and pulleys. Kyle comments, “You name it, I have probably made it. I truly have channeled my dad’s passion for saving things from the dump. My wife and I travel all over collecting different items to make new lights out of. I will clean, sand, sometimes paint the pieces and also try to learn what its original purpose was and what time period it came from. Every piece I make really does have a story and I always enjoy sharing it.” Kyle feels like almost everything has a re-purpose. He can see an old piece of pipe or metal gear and know instantly what he can make out of it.