These little robots are made from all kinds of recycled, upcycled and just plain scrap metals. I use a variety of metal parts and pieces and blend them into a cohesive little creature. Vintage tins and containers form their bodies, kitchen utensils and hardware may form arms and legs. I even use parts from my own personal collection or picked up from local streets. The bigger pieces like the birdhouses are also usable art. These could be placed out for the birds, however they would be just as happy being décor pieces. Coffee and tobacco cans, tea kettles and coffee pots form the basic structure, then embellished with other metal items I feel I have found my niche helping to preserve rusty old tins, tiny keys and repurposed hardware and turn them into little works of art. These items remind me of everything from grandma's kitchen to my father's workshop. These art pieces evoke my memories of simpler times, and hopefully finds a place in the hearts of others as well.

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