I make ocean and forest themed art, as well as jewelry (earrings) and garden art, using all manner of recycled, salvaged, and found materials. I use recycled materials because there is so much usable material available in the world without having to buy new materials, and everything can be turned into art if you look at it long enough. I just love the idea of turning something considered to be trash into something considered art. 

When it comes to materials, I look everywhere. I frequent stores like Second Use, Goodwill Outlets, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore, as well as thrift stores and junk stores. I peruse the free section of Craigslist, and the local community Facebook groups. I have agreements with many local businesses regarding trash and recyclable materials. I find things washed up on the beach, and on the side of the road. If I buy anything new, it is usually basic construction materials like screws, and I try to buy from locally owned stores before resorting to chain stores or online companies.