I sandblast images onto bottles, found windows and other items to give them new life. Sometimes I add solar or battery powered lights to the bottles to add a special focus. Lately I have been making " Wrist Toasties" from discarded, accidentally felted sweaters and scrap fabrics. They warm the wrists while leaving the fingers free to create! And my son, who is 11, creates origami earrings (so tiny) and origami dioramas from magazine paper, bottles, and other throw away items. 

I come from a family of creative makers. Thrift shopping and hand crafting was simply a thing we did and still do. Being taught to see things as resources to re-use, re-purpose, and re-cycle I think is a valuable life skill and I am so pleased to pass these tools to my son who is sharing this booth! The glass items we use are mostly found items from free piles, the side of the road and from friends who know we gather such things. The fabric is sourced from thrift shops and the paper for the origami is found every where!

Our society is swimming in disposable items and I feel strongly that we should look at what else can be done with these things- I grew up thrift shopping and learning to create with found objects. It is exciting to think of single use things having another life as something lovely and perhaps also useful too!