I make recycled jewelry from antique watch movements, glass buttons, and paper ephemera. I also make robot sculptures and assemblage art from various found objects. Every item I design, whether jewelry, home decor, and everything in between, is made from recyclable materials whenever possible. I gather my materials from a host of sources including salvage yards, thrift stores, Habitat for Humanity, and often items found in alleyways and near dumpsters.

Taking an object that was destined for a landfill, and giving it new purpose once again, gives me immense satisfaction as an artist.
This is why I enjoy working with watches so much. Though they no longer keep time, they still possess a visual beauty which I try to showcase in my work. All of my works are heavily influenced by decades past, but are re-imagined with a new twist. If I had to describe Tashera Jean in three words it would be: Vintage Meets Modern.