I create jewelry from used bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes. To make jewelry from inner tubes I have to cut them open and wash them with soap and water. I then cut them into long strips, paint the strips and then use scissors to hand cut various shapes. Some of my earrings are simple geometric shapes but I love cutting feather shapes and creating beautiful dangling "feather" earrings. I design necklaces using the same feather shapes, and have branched out into cutting other geometrical shapes to use as earring components as well. I make arm cuffs using leather punches and a hammer against a wood block. I've been told that the cuff's intricate design, when worn on ones arm, are often mistaken for tattoos. My jewelry is very lightweight; and I love that when folks learn that it is made from inner tubes, they are always surprised. I love that my jewelry gets this reaction. Creating something pretty, using a material not usually associated with beauty is a challenge I really enjoy. I want to inspire people to think differently about what can be used to make art, to look around at all of the things they deem "garbage" and try to imagine what else can be constructed from it. I hope that my jewelry inspires more conversations about reusing/recycling and what can be produced with "trash" and a little ingenuity.

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