Gina Tombleson of Consciously Crafted Jewelry designs jewelry that is hand made from used bicycle inner tubes. Her process starts by slicing the inner tubes down the center and scrubbing out the insides. She dries them thoroughly and cuts them into strips.

The strips are then painted and hand-cut using sharp scissors, making them into geometric shapes or "feathers." She punches a small hole in these shapes and can use them as jewelry components, designing drop down earrings or necklaces, or by adding a snap to make them into arm cuffs or bracelets. Inner tubes used either come from bicycle repair shops in her area or from friends who want to keep theirs from ending up in a landfill. Gina explains, “I will almost always take the time to search for used items before purchasing new. Reusing perfectly good stuff until it can no longer be used is what I do. The amount of trash that our culture has created is appalling and these conversations about reuse and upcycling of ‘trash’ can encourage folks to possibly change their habits, or at least help them see how simple it is to take something thought of as ‘broken, torn, ripped, or old’ and to use it in a manner that it was not originally intended for.”