I make beautiful one-of-a-kind, upcycled, recycled, vintage antique watch parts jewelry. It is made only with vintage/antique watch, pocket watch, and clock parts. It is mixed media jewelry— wearable art.

All my pieces are made with recycled old watch, pocket watch and clock parts that people consider broken or non working and are being thrown out. I find my supplies by having made contact with old time watchmakers/repairmen as my suppliers. I have purchased watch, pocket watch and clock parts that they consider broken or non working and incorporate and build on them in my jewelry. I also find many old vintage jewelry pieces components to use with my parts at thrift stores, junk stores, and garage sales. I also have many people give me old watches when they know I will be making them into something new.

I love the idea of time, how all the timepieces I use have a history. They have been worn and used, handed down and then discarded. I am able to bring them back to life. Transforming the old and unwanted into something new and desirable so they can be treasured and handed down for many more years.