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Is it Trash? Is it Art? Is it Useful?

Mindy's Beer Gear

If you have creative kids, you probably have had boxes full of construction paper drawings, macaroni necklaces, Popsicle stick structures, towel roll telescopes, candy wrapper bracelets and various other creations. Eventually they pile up, they break, they're not useful, and so you throw them away. At least their life was prolonged for a little while longer.

Many people like to admire recycled art. They say, "How clever! How imaginative!" But most people may just want a couple pieces of art to feature in their homes, or mostly, you probably just enjoy looking.

Java Momma Designs

The Recycled Arts Festival has a wide variety of vendors. For sure, you can find that metal sculpture for your garden or the perfect figurine for your mantel, but our artists also create a variety of items you use every day. Old fabric can be made into new clothes, bags, oven pads, and all sorts of things. If you're looking for a new table or chair, why not get one made of recycled material? Need a new lamp? A vase? A clock? A whatever—why waste resources buying it new?

Art is something that you can set in the yard or hang on the wall, but it can also be practical things you use every day. When your wallet is made of an old worn out pair of jeans, you'll be reminded that trash can become treasure every time you go to make a purchase. Maybe that daily reminder will start to affect the way you shop and what you throw out.

-Stephanie B.

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