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Tis’ the Season for Recycled Art!

CharityStewart_APC_0080 2018 Recycled Arts Festival Vendor, JavaMomma Designs

By Anne Maher 

Between decorating, gift-making, ugly sweaters and dinner parties…there may not be a better time of year for creating recycled art! There are a seemingly endless amount of ideas for all of your creative needs this holiday season, for both festivities and reducing waste. Here's just a few:


No matter what or how you're celebrating, decorations are fun for everyone this time of year. There are tons of ways to recycle materials to make a festive home, many of which start with items you likely already have around the house. Check out this Plastic Bag Wreath, Mason Jar Snow Globes, or a Tin Can Snowman for inspiration!

Gift Wrapping

A lot of holiday waste results from wrapping paper, boxes, bags and bows. Wrapping paper material is not only a large waste source, but tends to cause compaction issues in recycling trucks. Eliminate this unnecessary item by creating your own unique gift wrapping! Use unwanted clothing, paper bags, jars, or even magazine pages, and make the wrapping as special as the gift itself.

Re-using holiday waste

Americans produce 25% more waste during the holidays. A great way to cut back on what enters the landfill is by re-using the packaging or materials you created at the end of the year. There are several great local examples of this, all of whom participated in last year's Recycled Arts Festival. Java Momma Designs uses spent gift cards to make one-of-a-kind jewelry, keeping all of that plastic out of the landfill. All Bottled Up makes stunning glass art from bottles, like what you can do with the leftover glass from the holiday party! Another local packaging recycler is Mindy's Beer Gear, who takes beer packaging and turns it into wallets, bags, and more. Start thinking about the most packaging waste you produce this time of year, and what you could make out of it!

Give the Gift of Art!

Your recycled art can make for a special gift. Reject materialism this holiday season, and make gifts for your friends and family (while reducing waste in the process)! 

Cover photo: 2018 Recycled Arts Festival Vendor, JavaMomma Designs


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