I create mosaic artwork from reclaimed and found lumber. My goal is to use 100% reclaimed materials including wood, lath, metal, paint, and textiles. The aesthetic of my work reflects a rustic bohemian vibe with a Pacific Northwest flare focusing on mountain landscapes, geometric patterns, and hammered metal accents. 

The primary component of my work is wood which I collect in the form of discarded shipping pallets, construction scraps, and unwanted lath removed from older homes during remodel. I also find wood and other materials such as stain and paint from thrift stores, HH ReStore, and local garage sales.

Born and raised in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, I am inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape evolving through seasons, weather, and time. I strive to use reclaimed and recycled materials for my work in order to give new life to old, weathered, and discarded things.